5 Simple (+FREE) Ways to Drive Traffic to your Landing Page

How to drive more traffic to your Landing Page - for FREE! 

THE PROBLEM: You've crafted the perfect lead magnet for your target market, something that will add value to the lives of your DREAM CLIENTS but HOW do you get it in front of them?

As a copywriter I've been blessed to create landing pages, web copy, and sales funnels for some remarkable women who have designed much-needed products & services. But no matter how AMAZING these women are, no matter how PHENOMENAL their products + services, and no matter how well their copy connects to those DREAM CLIENTS - nothing matters if there's no body SEEING it! Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages, will help you send high-quality lead traffic to you landing pages. 

  • Simple tweaks you can do each day.
  • In 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Tactics that you'll continue to benefit from long after this 5-step challenge!
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5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Facebook ads used to be a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your landing page but not so much anymore. With the ever-changing algorithm and soaring rates, most of us solopreneurs just can't do it. We need to find better ways of grabbing attention to showcase our products and services - without costing us a fortune! 

  • The tools real marketers are having success with right now.
  • Attract high-quality leads.
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Behind Graphite & Grace...

Hi I'm Claire! My a background is in PR & Strategic Communications, and for more tha 12 years I've worked with global corporates and busy digital marketing agencies. 

But one thing that has always bugged me is how solopreneurs & new start ups struggle to get the word out about their products & services. 

The truth is without the $$$ for ads, tech, and designers a lot of businesses will fail. If at all possible I'm not going to let that happen. We are so blessed to have the platforms available to us to streamline our workload and help us market our services (without paying crazy high rates). Then as your biz grows you can hire out those tasks. But start with were are right now. 

I might be the face behind Graphite & Grace, but all the glory goes God, and my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, many are faith-based and others are not. Still, everthing is as unto the Lord! ("Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord" Colossians 3:23)